FROGs (Find and Reach Our Goals)は、地方の高校生、都会の高校生そして留学生やインターナショナルスクール在学の高校生が協力してボランティア活動を行うことを目的とし、2016年に結成されました。
2018 年からは主要チームメンバーの進級に伴い、大学生による地方の中高生への学習補助や、これまでの経験をもとしたボランティアやビジネスコンテスト参加へのサポートも活動に加え、2019年には離島在住の高校生に向けた英語でのサマーキャンプを開催しました。


Online Workshop


We are currently planning an online workshop for after the summer break. Contact us to learn more.

FROGs not here for 2020, but we're still here for study!

2020 July - August 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are unable to plan this year's FROGs trip! However, we're still up for some online studying with EduHub (eduhub.jp), so give us a call if you're up for some online studying sessions!

Field Study Workshop 

2020 October - 

Online Field Study Program 

Short Internship at Yuge High School

2019 August - September 

FROGs Intership at Yugeshima 
Miya did a short internship through a Tokyo University Program and went to teach English at Yuge High school.

FROGs is back in Osaki Kamijimacho! 

2019 August - September

FROGs in Yugeshima

We held our first ever all English summer camp for high school students at Kaisei High School on Osaki Kamijimacho Island. 
Here's what our deputy representative had to say about the experience:
"It was a refreshing and rewarding experience to see the students grow in their ability and to see them genuinely enjoy learning in a new environment. Even the students who had said that they were not confident or did not like English had told us in the end that this camp had helped them and gave them a better attitude towards English. We hope to come back and give the high school students another opportunity to learn English in a realistic and interactive way."
- Lia Myerski -